and its assertion on the labour market

What is ISTP?

ISTP is the Czech acronym for Integrated System of Typal Positions, a set of information about the world of labour and methods of using the information to facilitate communication on the labour market and make it more effective.

It is designed to help people with a finding an optimum employment by means of:

  • maintaining up-to-date databases of occupations and typal positions
  • describing the aspects and requirements of different jobs in a Registry of Typal Positions
  • offering tools for vocational counselling and career guidance, as well as
  • job mediation (placement) instruments
  • referring to other labour market, education and training information systems
  • matching vocational training with the requirements of the labour market
  • offering background material for companies to make their practice of human resource management more effective
  • presenting recommendations for personal growth of individuals and improvement of their skills.

Whom is ISTP meant to serve?

To all labour market participants, in particular:

  • employment services
  • job seekers, people wishing to change job/occupation
  • pupils and students
  • employers
  • employees
  • educational and training institutions

What are the underlying principles of ISTP?

Matching the world of labour with the world of people.

Job requirements are compared with personal qualities and qualifications, using the same criteria.

The point of departure are databases of the profiles of typal positions included in the Registry of Typal Positions, and of personal profiles defined by means of Individual Potential Analysis.

Software is used to compare these data and to look for the best agreement of the key factors of skills, personal qualities and health condition.

The main output is recommendation of suitable employment from a list of specifically or generally defined jobs, or identification of suitable job seekers for employers who offer vacancies.

Recommendations for personal growth of individuals and improvement of their skills are based on identified discrepancies between requirements and prerequisites.

What does the Integrated System of Typal Positions contain?

System of occupations and typal positions

  • up-to-date structure of the world of labour, reflecting real division of labour, arranged according to type of occupation, complexity and degree of specialization
  • constantly updated and complemented overview of ca 500 occupations and 1200 typal position

Registry of Typal Positions (KTP)

  • set of information describing the structure, contents and requirements of typical “representatives” of real jobs across all sectors of the Czech national economy
  • describing aspects of job practice (activities, conditions) and defining requirements to be met by the job practitioner

Contents of the Typal Position Profile

Characteristics of Typal Position

  • identification
  • general characteristics
  • working activities

Typical job aspects

  • examples of working activities
  • character of work
  • object of work
  • working means
  • working conditions

Requirements to be met by the job practitioner

  • health condition
  • personal qualities
  • general skills
  • specific vocational skills

Labour market situation

  • labour demand and supply
  • price of labour

Individual Potential Analysis (AIP)

  • programme for collecting information on individuals’ skills, personal qualities, health condition and personal preferences (special interests, talents, ideas about and expectations of future job)
  • possibility of choosing the depth of the analysis and degree of the profile detail

Ability Analysis – Matching (AZ)

  • programme for comparing individual profiles with the typal position set
  • list of suitable occupations and typal positions matched with job seekers’ ability

Who maintains and updates the Integrated System of Typal Positions?

The administrator of the system is the Employment Service Administration of the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Development, implementation and management of the Integrated System is co-ordinated by ISTP Heading Board and carried out by an expert teams made up of specialists of all the respective government departments as well as research institutions, consultation companies, top employer and trade union centres.

Dozens of experts in relevant fields participate in on-going monitoring of labour distribution and labour analysis. They are selected by the Czech Association of Industry and Transport, Chamber of Commerce, Agrarian Chamber and Association of Employers.

For further information, you are welcomed to approach
the Counselling and Retraining Division, Employment Service Administration, MOLSA, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 221 923 687, +420 221 923 171
ISTP Executive Team of TREXIMA Ltd. ZLÍN
Tel.: +420 577 601 383, +420 577 119 050